Welcome to NOX-BRIDGE

Built from a dream and a passion for horology, NOX-BRIDGE grew from simple sketches into a design and concept from a small studio in Auckland, New Zealand. With inspiration coming from the night sky, we wanted to create a piece that aesthetically was simple and understated but included bespoke and intricate features. This created the foundation behind the watch, a reliable timepiece connecting tradition and innovation, unlike any other timepiece on the market.

We are truly one-of-a-kind with many custom features unlike any other watch on the market. Our “Nox Arm” second hand is a bespoke design and a first in the watch industry. Not only is it an aesthetic feature, but it also requires a superior VH Japan movement. Our movement has four times the amount of torque than other quartz watches and allows the hands to sophisticatedly sweep as opposed to tick.

We have used the highest calibre of watch making techniques including intricately engraving the crown and ring. The added two jewels increases longevity, so that each owner will love their NOX-BRIDGE for years to come. We also use the top manufacturing processes by a team of watch experts and engineers in Japan.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of watches and believe in using the finest materials including 316L Stainless Steel and high quality, water resistant vegan leather. Being cruelty-free is at the core of our values; we are 100% vegan and have created a unique watch of the highest calibre.

NOX-BRIDGE strives for excellence in both what we create and how we create it. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.