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Japan Made

Manufactured in Japan to ensure each watch is made to the highest quality & precision.


Quick-release waterproof vegan & eco-friendly straps. Prevents absorption of water & sweat.

Limited Edition

Each watch model is limited to a number of timepieces.

Best Seller

Vega Viridi Limited Edition

Eye catching and dramatic, the luxe green face is paired with a green strap to reflect the New Zealand roots...


What Others Are Saying

From a design and quality perspective, NOX-BRIDGE is head and shoulders above everyone else in the fashion watch industry.

The Watches Men & Co

A true one-of-a-kind vegan fashion brand that blends advanced horology developments with cruelty-free practices.

Vanity Fair

The details are amazing. I just love it when brands pay attention to the small details, it really makes the difference!

Vegans Got Style