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Our Story

NOX-BRIDGE is made up of a team of New Zealanders who are passionate about vegan fashion and watch-making. Starting from simple sketches and a dream to create a vegan fashion brand, we have been refining our timepieces since 2014. Our first Classic NOX-BRIDGE collection has bespoke features set to redefine the watch industry.

The name NOX-BRIDGE originated from the Latin word Nox, meaning night. The night sky is a source of inspiration for the brand from its sophisticatedly understated aesthetic to the more complex realities. We view each NOX-BRIDGE watch as having a timeless elegant design intertwined with intricate, quality features that have never been seen before. The ‘Bridge’ echoes the ideals of connecting two worlds as we fuse the traditional art of horology with contemporary features and quality allure that will be loved by not only fashion followers, but watch critics alike.

We strongly believe that high quality goods can still be produced without compromising ethical practices. This sits at the core of our values and we have ensured that the products we create are 100% vegan, including a water-resistant vegan leather strap that has been approved by PETA.

NOX-BRIDGE strives for excellence in both what we create and how we create it.