We had no idea that our passion for watches would be part of our daily life. Growing up surfaced a common theme - get a good grade at school, get a good job and have a decent living. This was far from reality for us.

We played the common theme in our lives but we weren’t happy in the end. It wasn’t the jobs we did or the places that we were at that made us unhappy, but it was more about addressing our stalling creativity and ambition. This was dream shattering. We wanted to do more and push our boundaries.

After a relentless work-life experience in New Zealand and Australia for us (Nelson & Charles), we crossed paths again in 2014 in Auckland. The conversation led us reinforcing the challenges we faced and how we overcame them. However, we both portrayed the same drive to further our career and successfully meet our goals.

The timing couldn’t have been perfect when Nelson spoke highly about his run in with Mr Lorenzen at the Auckland Airport Watch Boutique. Their background was a bridge apart, but Nelson and Mr Lorenzen both worked together selling high-end luxury watches, where each piece cost a fortune.

Mr Lorenzen is a walking encyclopaedia in the watch Industry. In 2001 he took his passion to grips and flew to Switzerland to study watchmaking and complete 4 years of study with Omega. His long-awaited dream had finally come to light, but only to be lived for a short time. Mr Lorenzen’s mother had become really sick at the end of his 1st year at Omega. He had no choice but to return back home in Auckland. He walked away from completing his studies to support his sick mother.

As for Mr Lorenzen, the road to being an Omega watchmaker was a dead end. A man with faded dreams, yet a man with a heart. Charles listened carefully while envisaging Mr Lorenzen’s dark side, and admittedly along with Nelson wanted to tell the untold story to the world, whilst bridging Mr Lorenzen’s faded dreams to life. We began to draft our intentions and saw a gap in the market that has never been exploited nor has the problem been solved.

Charles having a sound commercial acumen and business mind was quick to see the problem as an opportunity along with Nelson. The opportunity is that there are many people wanting to wear a luxury watch but the price they would need to pay is out of their reach. Without a doubt Nelson and Charles wanted to make watches that were affordable but yet a luxury.

A stronger friendship emerged between us and we embarked on a journey, to successfully produce the watch that caters the sole purpose. The name of course had to reflect Mr Lorenzen’s passion that was once faded. Living our promise with clarity and boldness, in regards to who we are and our identity as a brand, this brings to the creation of Noxbridge. A new renowned luxury watch brand.

Nox means Night (darkness) in Latin, echoing Mr Lorenzen’s unfulfilled dreams. The Bridge portrays his connections of his lost dreams, to the same dreams that are now re-lived with solidity. The combination of words (Noxbridge) sounds Mr Lorenzen’s life – portraying hope, team work and endurance.

We pride ourselves with expressing our product under personal ethos, and reaching out globally to fulfil our brand-reach, through various marketing initiatives that will be executed geographically.

By wearing a Noxbridge, you will open a world of luxurious features that will add a statement to your daily life with its avant-garde design, and exuberant colours that blend with interchangeable straps to fit the occasion.

Noxbridge is a statement, an icon, a style cue, a movement – that blends the fine contemporary features and the works of history through its designs and movements.

Walk with Pride. Walk in Style. Walk with Noxbridge.